Cycling Podiatry

Cycling Podiatry

If you ride, you know that comfort is a premium when you are on the bike for hours at a time if you’re on the road or trail. As cyclists, ourselves we understand how important feeling comfortable on the bike is.

If the foot is not comfortable or working efficiently, your ride enjoyment and potentially performance can suffer. Our focus is the foot and lower limb and how it relates to your biomechanics, cleats and your bike. We work closely with local bike fitters to ensure your foot comfort and performance is at its optimum.

Common Issues We Manage:

– Hot foot
– Numb feet and toes
– Uncomfortable cleats
– Knee pain and patella tracking

How We Can Help:

– Cleat placement adjustment and shoe recommendation
– Biomechanical assessment on and off the bike
– Use of Cobra9 cycling orthoses to improve foot comfort and performance
– Lower limb exercise therapies

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