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ingrown toe nail treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Painful ingrown toenails are a very common issue we see as Podiatrists. They can be very painful but treating them can be surprisingly easy to manage.

To treat ingrown toenails, it may only be a matter of taking a small piece of the nail causing the problem. Then changing your footwear or taking pressure off the corner of the toe.

In some cases, a Partial Nail Avulsion may need to be performed to remove a small section of the nail which is causing the problem. This is done under local anaesthetic and can be conducted by the Podiatrist in the clinic.

The first step is to book an appointment with our Podiatrist to assess your ingrown toenail issue. Then we suggest the best treatment plan for you.

Partial Nail Avulsion Surgery

In some cases, for those who have been suffering with chronically painful and infected Ingrown Toenails, a Partial Nail Avulsion Surgery is needed. This is a simple procedure performed by Podiatrists in the clinic under Local Anaesthetic.

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