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Sports and Musculoskeletal physiotherapy involves thorough assessment and management of muscle, tendon, ligament and bone pain or injury. You don’t have to be an elite athlete (or play sport!) to receive the benefits this treatment approach has to offer. Our Sports Physio appointments involve a thorough whole-body and sport-specific assessment to determine the root cause of your issue. We regularly utilise manual therapy techniques (including massage, western acupuncture and dry needling and spinal mobilisation), as well as exercise-based therapy to get you back exercising and enjoying life.

Our Sports Physiotherapist Can Help You With:

• Neck and shoulder pain/injury
• Headaches
• Dizziness and vertigo
• Elbow, wrist and hand pain/injury
• Thoracic and rib cage pain/injury
• Lower back pain/injury
• Hip pain/injury
• Hamstring muscle pain/injury
• Knee pain/injury

For lower leg, calf or foot/ankle concerns, we recommend seeing our Sports Podiatrist who specialises in this region of the body.

For recurrent or long-standing lower back, hip, knee, or leg pain, we recommend booking our Collective Body Consult appointment which involves a thorough, joint assessment by our Sports Physio and Sports Podiatrist. You can learn more about the Collective Body Consult™️ here.

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