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Collaborating Physiotherapy and Podiatry

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Who we are:

We are a Physiotherapy and Podiatry team in Geelong who collectively assess and manage your injury, pain or condition. Physiotherapist Dr Lauren Earles and Podiatrist Luke Bertram moved to Geelong from Wollongong NSW to start a unique clinic, combining two professions for benefit of the patient.

What we do:

Collective Body Consult™️

The human body is a complex flowing chain and we appreciate this complexity. With our experience we have identified that optimal health care involves input from more than one health professional. That’s why at Physiopod Co. our Physiotherapist and Podiatrist will both assess you collectively for lower back, hip, leg, knee and foot/ankle concerns.

During your initial consultation we get to the root cause of your musculoskeletal injury or pain. We treat the person as a whole, not just the symptoms.

Click the link to learn more about the Collective Body Consult™️.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy, including pelvic floor assessments, will be performed solely by our female Physiotherapist Dr Lauren Earles. 

Upper Body Physiotherapy

Patients with pain and injury to the upper back, shoulder, neck and arms are booked with Dr Lauren Earles for an Upper Body Physiotherapy appointment.


Our Podiatrist Luke Bertram also provides services such as general care, corns and callus, ingrown nails, and diabetes assessments.

Footy Foot Pod

Do you play AFL, Rugby or Football? We have developed a footy code specific appointment to manage anything to do with your feet and your footy boots called the Footy Foot Pod Appointment. Any age and any ability. We want to get you on the field and enjoying the game!

Contact us

0474 329 219
Ground Floor, 59 Yarra Street, Geelong VIC 3220

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