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Cycling Injury Assessment
and Bike Fit.

About The Cycling Bike Fit Assessment

Our Cycling Bike Fit assessments in Geelong are performed by a certified bike fitter and member of the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI).

If you ride, you’ll know that comfort is a premium when you are on the bike for hours at a time. As cyclists, we can understand how important feeling comfortable on the bike is and how frustrating pain while riding can be.

A keen cyclist, Luke has combined his experience and knowledge of biomechanics and combined it with further education in bike fit to provide a thorough detailed assessment of the body, injury and the bike. We discuss your goals, injury history and assess your biomechanics off the bike as much as on it.

Note: This assessment is specific to road and time trial cycling not MTB

When Would I Need A Bike Fit?

A cyclists would benefit from a bike fit when they are riding with pain or discomfort or just want to improve their performance. Some common issues that cyclists have include:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Tingling hands and fingers
  • Hot foot, tingling toes and foot pain
  • Fatigued quads, calfs or hamstrings
  • Saddle pain and saddle sores

What Happens During A Bike Fit

  1. In-depth history of your cycling routine and injury/concern
  2. Thorough Biomechanical assessment off the bike
  3. Current bike set-up and cleat assessment
  4. Video analysis of you on the bike
  5. Cyclist specific bike set-up changes based on pathology and biomechanics
  6. Injury rehab and strength programs
  7. Referral to our Physiotherapist for further management if needed
  8. Review and fine tune

Meet Our Bike Fit Team

Cycling Bike Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located?

95 Nicholas Street, Newtown VIC 3220
We are located on Nicholas Street around the corner from Enzo Pennys butcher.

59 Geelong Rd, Bannockburn 3331
Golden Plains Medical Centre is located on Geelong Road on the South side of the train line.

Is There Parking Available?

There is plenty of parking in front of the building and along Nicholas Street.

Large parking area located at the rear of the practice.

How Long Are Appointments?

If it is your first visit, please allow for 1 hour, except for 30mins for General Podiatry. You will be advised before your appointment through booking confirmation or staff as to how long it will be.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Along with yourself please bring any relevant imaging such as Xray’s, MRIs, Ultrasounds ect that you may have. Any referral you may have been given from Doctors or others. If you are seeing the Podiatrist please bring any relevant footwear, such as shoes you work in, run in, play sport in or is giving you pain. If you are able to wear or bring with you shorts or active wear, this will allow us to assess the lower limbs much more effectively.

How Can I Cancel My Appointment?

Cancellation Policy
We have a 24-hour cancellation and non-attendance policy. Please notify us as soon as you are able so we can offer the time to someone else. Failure to notify us of your cancellation may incur a $60 charge.

What Payment Options Are Available?

We have an onsite HICAPS machine to claim any Health Fund rebates for Physiotherapy and Podiatry (please check your health fund for rebates as each fund and level of cover is different). We are also able to claim GP referred care plans on site (please note there is a gap after a care plan rebate depending on your appointment).

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Cycling Bike Fit

Every cyclist is different so not all bike set up should be the same. A proper fit Bike Fit with our trained fitter Luke can help reduce pain while riding as well as prevent injury and improve performance.

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