Cycling Injury Assessment
and Bike Fit

Geelong Cycling Bike Fit

About The Cycling Bike Fit Assessment

Our Cycling Bike Fit assessments in Geelong are performed by a certified bike fitter and member of the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI).

If you ride, you’ll know that comfort is a premium when you are on the bike for hours at a time. As cyclists, we can understand how important feeling comfortable on the bike is and how frustrating pain while riding can be.

A keen cyclist, Luke has combined his experience and knowledge of biomechanics and combined it with further education in bike fit to provide a thorough detailed assessment of the body, injury and the bike. We discuss your goals, injury history and assess your biomechanics off the bike as much as on it.

Note: This assessment is specific to road and time trial cycling not MTB

Geelong Cycling Bike Fit

When Would I Need A Bike Fit?

A cyclists would benefit from a bike fit when they are riding with pain or discomfort or just want to improve their performance. Some common issues that cyclists have include:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Tingling hands and fingers
  • Hot foot, tingling toes and foot pain
  • Fatigued quads, calfs or hamstrings
  • Saddle pain and saddle sores

Geelong Cycling Bike Fit

What Happens During A Bike Fit

  1. In-depth history of your cycling routine and injury/concern
  2. Thorough Biomechanical assessment off the bike
  3. Current bike set-up and cleat assessment
  4. Video analysis of you on the bike
  5. Cyclist specific bike set-up changes based on pathology and biomechanics
  6. Injury rehab and strength programs
  7. Referral to our Physiotherapist for further management if needed
  8. Review and fine tune
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