Proactive Pregnancy Package.

”What’s included in the ‘Proactive Pregnancy Package’? .


Initial Pregnancy Physio Appointment

Attended from 13 weeks


Birth Preparation Physio Appointment


Attended from 34 weeks


Physio-led Reformer Pilates classes

Attended at our Reformer Pilates studio, PhysioPod Flow


Post Natal Physio Assessment

Attended from 6 weeks post birth


Total Investment

How do I book my package?

Simply go to our online booking page and select Pregnancy Package under the ‘Women’s Health Physiotherapy’ tab.

Alternatively, give us a call on 03 5269 9635 to book on the phone.

Do I need to pay upfront?

To secure the Proactive Pregnancy Package, you will be required to pay the total fee of $735.00 at your first appointment. If you book online, the $70 online deposit fee will be deducted from the $735.00 total. After each appointment and class is attended, you will receive a receipt to claim back through your Private Health insurance. 

Can I claim through my Private Health Insurance?

Yes. If you have Private Health insurance with Extras cover including Physiotherapy, you can claim all your appointments and classes attended in the Proactive Pregnancy Package. Contact your health insurer to determine your rebate; the following codes would be used: 

Initial appointment = 500 code

Birth Preparation + Postnatal Check = 505 code

Pilates classes = 560 code

Can I attend the Physiotherapy appointments at either the Newtown clinic or the Berth Geelong location?

Yes, you can attend either our Newtown clinic or our satellite location at Berth Geelong in the Geelong CBD for any of your Physiotherapy consultations. 

How do I book my Pilates classes with the package?

At your Initial Physiotherapy appointment, we will set you up on our Pilates booking system (MindBody). You will then have 5 x free pilates classes allocated to your account which will allow you to independently book your classes via the MindBody website or the MindBody app. 

What if I need to see the Physiotherapist more often during my pregnancy?

If you require more Physiotherapy appointments during your pregnancy (eg. to manage pelvic girdle pain), you will be required to pay these separately to the package (at our normal Pregnancy Physiotherapy fees). Your Physiotherapist will be able to guide you at your Initial appointment if this would be recommended for you. 

How can Physiotherapy help during pregnancy?

The female body goes through an extensive change in shape, posture and size during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists have extensive experience managing women through all stages of their pregnancy.

This can be from the beginning of pregnancy – learning about the changes your body goes through, education on what the pelvic floor is and pregnancy safe exercise presciption.

In the middle of pregnancy – assessing the pelvic floor (getting a baseline for where your muscles are but educating you on how to contract and relax the pelvic floor), managing pelvic floor issues (if they were to arise) and pelvic girdle pain.

And at the end of pregnancy – education on what happens in labour, pain relief options, birth positions, perineal tear and pelvic organ prolapse prevention. 

    Our Affiliates

    PhysioPod Flow - Reformer Pilates Exercise

    Our Pilates Reformer classes are a great form of exercise for pre and postnatal women, a form of rehab or just to stay fit and healthy. All our classes are run by our Women’s Health Physios.

    Cycling Bike Fit

    Every cyclist is different so not all bike set up should be the same. A proper fit Bike Fit with our trained fitter Luke can help reduce pain while riding as well as prevent injury and improve performance.

    Not sure if you need to see a Physio or a Podiatrist?

    The Collective Body Consult™️ Might Be For You

    The Collective Body Consult™ is our unique, innovative assessment model which combines both Physiotherapy and Podiatry together in the same initial appointment.

    By utilising the experience and expertise of two health professionals in the one consultation, we are able to thoroughly discuss and assess your pain or concern in depth.