Physiotherapy & PODIATRY

About Physiopod.

Welcome to Physiopod, a distinctive healthcare practice founded on the vision of integrating the expertise of two passionate health professionals, Lauren and Luke.

With a shared commitment to delivering exceptional care and a dedication to innovation, we strive to provide an integrated approach to physiotherapy and podiatry that goes beyond traditional methods.

Our Story

Physiopod Co. began when two like-minded health professionals came together to create a practice that is unlike any other. Lauren, the Physio, and Luke, the Podiatrist, have practiced within big and small clinics across Australia and the world. In their respective fields, they found that physiotherapy and podiatry referred to each other frequently. Fate brought them together (yes, they are married!) and after much discussion, they had a lightbulb moment! Why don’t they bring physiotherapy and podiatry closer together than ever before? That’s when the idea for Physiopod Co. was sparked.

Physiopod Co. emerged from a shared passion for enhancing the lives of their patients through collaborative and holistic healthcare solutions. As a physiotherapist with a background in sports medicine and a podiatrist specialising in foot and ankle care, they recognised the need for a practice that seamlessly integrates these disciplines to offer comprehensive and personalised treatment plans.

Together, Lauren, Luke and the Physiopod team are committed to delivering compassionate care that meets the unique needs of each patient, from children to adults, assisting them in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Meet The Team

Our Affiliates

PhysioPod Flow - Reformer Pilates Exercise

Our Pilates Reformer classes are a great form of exercise for pre and postnatal women, a form of rehab or just to stay fit and healthy. All our classes are run by our Women’s Health Physios.

Cycling Bike Fit

Every cyclist is different so not all bike set up should be the same. A proper fit Bike Fit with our trained fitter Luke can help reduce pain while riding as well as prevent injury and improve performance.

Not sure if you need to see a Physio or a Podiatrist?

The Collective Body Consult™️ Might Be For You

The Collective Body Consult™ is our unique, innovative assessment model which combines both Physiotherapy and Podiatry together in the same initial appointment.

By utilising the experience and expertise of two health professionals in the one consultation, we are able to thoroughly discuss and assess your pain or concern in depth.