Sports Podiatry

Podiatrist specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of the lower limb, foot and ankle. We closely analyse the complex foot structures and mechanics to determine the best way to manage your pain or injury.

How we can help:

– Run technique analysis and training
– Custom and premade foot orthoses
– Foot Mobilisation Therapy
– Western Dry Needling
– Footwear prescription and modification
– Exercise rehabilitation

Common issues we treat:

– Heel pain and arch pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
– Achilles Tendinopathy
– Shin pain
– Ankle pain
– Toe pain
– Bunions
– Ball of foot pain


Footy Foot Pod

The Footy Foot Pod is podiatry designed for footy feet. If you or your child plays Aussie Rules, Football (Soccer), Rugby, Gridiron or any other sport wearing footy boots, the Footy Foot Pod consult is for you.

The Football codes have some very specific lower limb related pain and injuries. Due to their high demand and physicality on the lower limb, as well as requiring to wear stiff, tight studded boots, it poses some unique challenges in management and rehab.

That’s why we have developed our unique consultation with our Podiatrist, who has years of experience playing Rugby and treating players of all footy codes both elite and amateur.

Some of the common injuries we manage with the Footy Foot Pod are:

– Uncomfortable boots
– Blisters
– Ankle injuries
– Calf and shin pain
– Achilles pain
– Foot pain
– And anything to do with feet and footy


Kids’ Foot Health

Kids’ feet are growing feet, as they are not fully formed until their mid-teens. This is why kids’ feet need to be assessed and managed in a different way to adults. Our Kids Foot Health consult is designed specifically for kids and their active growing feet in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. We use the Gallop Assessment Tool developed for paediatric lower limb assessment which helps in our diagnosis and tailored management plan.

Common kids feet issues we manage include:

– Severs (heel pain)
– Osgood-Shclatters and knee pain
– Shin
– Ankle
– And any other lower limb pain or injury


Cycling Podiatry

If you ride, you know that comfort is a premium when you are on the bike for hours at a time if you’re on the road or trail. As cyclists, ourselves we understand how important feeling comfortable on the bike is.

If the foot is not comfortable or working efficiently, your ride enjoyment and potentially performance can suffer. Our focus is the foot and lower limb and how it relates to your biomechanics, cleats and your bike. We work closely with local bike fitters to ensure your foot comfort and performance is at its optimum.

Common issues we manage:

– Hot foot
– Numb feet and toes
– Uncomfortable cleats
– Knee pain and patella tracking

How we can help:

– Cleat placement adjustment and shoe recommendation
– Biomechanical assessment on and off the bike
– Use of Cobra9 cycling orthoses to improve foot comfort and performance
– Lower limb exercise therapies


General Podiatry & Ingrown Nails

Podiatrist are experts in the management of skin and nail concerns of the feet. This may include the treatment and management of:

– Ingrown nails
– Corns and callus
– Skin infections
– Diabetic and Rheumatology assessments and education.

Ingrown Nails

Painful ingrown toe nails are common foot pathology. They can be very painful but treating them can be surprisingly easy to manage. In some cases, a Partial Nail Avulsion may need to be performed to remove a small section of the nail which is causing the problem. This is done under Local Anesthetic and can be conducted by the Podiatrist in clinic. If you are suffering with a painful ingrown nail, book an appointment with our Podiatrist today.

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