Female Sports Injury Focus Geelong

Female Sports Injury Geelong

PhysioPod Co. are dedicated to the injury management of Sports Women and Girls in the Geelong region.

Female athletes face many unique challenges compared to their male counterparts when it comes to injury rehab and prevention. There has in the past been little research looking into female sports injury. But with the rise of elite and amateur female individual and team sports, more research is being conducted. We are discovering that female athletes can be predisposed and recover slower to to particular injuries as well as having advantages in other areas.


Female Sports Injury Geelong

Women’s and Pelvic Health

Pelvic pain and other complaints such as incontinence are just as common in the sporting population as they are in the general population. Our Physios have undergone extensive postgraduate training in pelvic and Women’s Health making them highly skilled in the management of these issues. Click here to learn more about Women’s Health Physio.

Female Sports Injury Geelong

Acute and Chronic Injuries

Sporting injuries and general aches and pains can be complicated by a number of factors in Women. Our Physios bring an in-depth understanding of Women’s Health and Sports Injuries to provide a customised plan to get you back to you on field, court or gym. Click here to lear more about Sports Physio.

Female Sports Injury Geelong

Foot & Ankle Injuries and Footwear 

The foot and ankle are complex structures. There are many unique characteristics that can impact injury risk and rehab when it comes athletic women and girls. With numerous studies showing a relationship between pelvic health and the foot and ankle. Footwear is also a big issue, with poorly fitted shoes leading discomfort and sometimes injury. Click here to learn more about Sports Podiatry.

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