Online “Telehealth” Consultations

What is an Online “Telehealth” Consultation?

Telehealth is the use of online platforms to allow clinicians and patients to connect and consult. It is not a new system, in fact PhysioPod Co. and many other clinics have been utilising Telehealth to manage patients. Even though physical “hands on” treatment is not possible through online Telehealth consultations, assessing diagnosing, education and exercise prescription does not change. 

How can we treat pain and injury without physical contact?

Physical treatment is only a small portion of the entire treatment plan. There is growing evidence that education and advice on areas like lifestyle and mental health as well as structured tailored at home exercise programs are big contributors to patient outcomes. 

For General Podiatry care including ingrown nails, nail care and corns/callus, physical treatment is required. Home visits for those who are unable to leave their homes will now be offered (required they are not ill, tested positive to COVID-19 or been in recent contact with someone tested positive for COVID-19). 

If during the course of your Online Consultation we feel that more hands-on treatment is required, you will be notified and appropriate steps put in place for you to receive this service. 

Are there any rebates through Medicare and Private Health Insurance?

If you have a care plane (Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC) from your GP you are able to utilise one of the allocated visits to either Physiotherapy or Podiatry for an Online Consultation.

Private Health Insurers are a bit behind the Government controlled Medicare rebates in providing rebates for Online “Telehealth” consultations. It is best to check with your Insurer to see what they are covering. You will be provided with an invoice which you can use to claim through your Insurer if possible.

How does an Online “Telehealth” Consultation work?

You can book online or via phone as usual. All you need is a computer or tablet with microphone and webcam enabled and quiet private area for your consultation. 

You will be instructed after making your booking on how access the Online Consultation platform. If you already have a Physitrack account, you log in via the website on the day and time of your appointment. If you don’t have an account you will be instructed how to gain access. 

You may also be advised to film specific exercises or movements on your phone and send them to us prior to your appointment, otherwise we can instruct you on how perform a perform a specific movement during the Online Consultation.

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