Foot Orthotics

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What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot Orthotics are medical devices used by Podiatrists to manage a wide range of issues. There are a several versions of foot orthotics that Podiatrist use. These are Custom, semi-custom and prefabricated foot orthotics. They can be made from a variety of materials including a polypropolene (plastic), composite materials, carbon fibre and EVA (foam). Custom made foot orthotics require a 3D scan of the feet which are sent a lab to be made. Whereas semi-custom and prefabricated do not require a scan.

How Do They Work?

Research is always been undertaken into the impact of foot orthotics on the feet and entire body. Our current understanding is that they reduce stress/load on particular tissues either Tendons, Ligaments, Fascia and even Bone. It is a common misconception that foot orthotics “realign” the foot or change the foot shape. This is a very simplistic approach and does not cater for the varied complexities for unique individual human biomechanics. Rather, they are one aspect of the an entire treatment plan.

When Are They Required?

Your Podiatrist will advise you if they believe you are a candidate for foot orthotic therapy. It is not suitable for everyone for a number of reasons. Often the use of strapping tape is applied to simulate the impact of foot orthotics to see how your symptoms respond. Then a decision can be if foot orthotics are right for you.

Some common pain and injuries which can be manage with orthotic therapy include:

To see if orthotics can help you, book an Initial Podiatry consult.

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