Heel Pain In Children

What is my child’s heel pain?

Heel pain in children is very common. You might know it as Sever’s, but the technical term is Calcaneal Apophysitis. It is inflammation of the growth plate in the back of the heel and it is very common. Children between the ages of 8-15 are susceptible to it while the growth plate is active and so are the children.

What does Calcaneal Apohphysitis (heel pain) feel like?

Children with heel pain will often complain of pain in the heels after school and after sport. In some cases they may come off the field or court limping and you may seem them not wanting to put any weight on their heels.

What causes pain in children’s heels?

The growth plate is a sensitive part of the bone during a child’s development as they grow. A combination of heel compression from running around at school and playing sport as well as traction from the Achilles Tendon. In simple terms, kids who are very active are susceptible to inflammation of the growth plate and pain in the heel.

How is Calcaneal Apophysitis treated?

Treatment is all centred around managing the symptoms and managing activity load. Unfortunately the growth will be vulnerable to inflammation during the ages of 8-15 and the occasional flare up can occur. This means managing the symptoms is needed during this period. This can be done through appropriate footwear, taping techniques and in some cases foot orthoses. In the vast majority of cases kids don’t need to give up their sport, just the occasional rest.

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