Welcome to PhysioPod Co.

PhysioPod Co. is a startup Physiotherapy and Podiatry practice opening soon in central Geelong!

We do things a bit different around here

At Physiopod Co. you get the benefit and insight of a Physiotherapist and Podiatrist right in the middle of central Geelong. In clinic, you will see both a Physiotherapist and Podiatrist for all lower limb (from the lower back to the foot) concerns and injuries. We call this the Collective Body Consult™.

Why both a Physiotherapist and a Podiatrist?

The human body is a complex machine with many moving parts. It requires intensive assessment and study to gain a global picture of why pain and injury has occurred.

The expertise of a Physiotherapist and a Podiatrist working as a team will get to the root cause of your pain and injury. Developing a holistic management plan is devised with the input of both professions. While monitoring and reviews are provided by both or either practitioner, depending on the expertise required.

So who is the Physiopod Co?

Physiotherapist Dr. Lauren Earles has worked across Australia and the world returning to her home town of Geelong. She was part of the Physiotherapy team for Australia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, as well as the lead Physiotherapist for the Australian Skeleton team from 2011-2014. She brings 10 years of experience in sports injury and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, as well as further training and education in women’s health and pregnancy.

Like Lauren, Podiatrist Luke Bertram has worked across Australia and the world in both public and private practice over the last 10 years. Elite and amateur sports people have been under his care, including NRL and NBL players, of whom he’s managed an array of foot/ankle and lower limb injuries.

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Not sure if you need to see a Physio or a Podiatrist?

The Collective Body Consult™️ Might Be For You

The Collective Body Consult™ is our unique, innovative assessment model which combines both Physiotherapy and Podiatry together in the same initial appointment.

By utilising the experience and expertise of two health professionals in the one consultation, we are able to thoroughly discuss and assess your pain or concern in depth.