Should you keep training when you an injury?

A common question we get is “can I keep training with this injury, or will I make it worse”. As always with injuries, it depends. A good way to judge if you can/should keep doing the activity you love is judge it on the traffic light system.

Red Light

The pain is 6-10 on the pain scale. This is pretty sore and you notice it as soon as you start your activity. You might notice it during but you will notice it after you finish. It can last the rest of the day into the night and into the following days. It is painful enough to be front of mind and may stop you while you are moving. If you are at this level, stop and rest. Give it some time then try again. If it is still sore then seek advice if you have not already. The person you consult will advice you on the path back to a GREEN LIGHT.

Orange Light

This level of pain is acceptable. It might be a 4-5 on the pain scale. You might be a bit sore at the start, during or after but it is not intense and does not stop you training. It might last into the night but seems like just a niggle. If it goes away within 24 hours you are safe to continue with your activity program. It pays to check this checked out if you have any doubts. It can easily progress to a RED LIGHT. 

Green Light

No pain? You feel good. Keep going! This is the SAFE ZONE. You can push yourself to progress your training.   If you feel you are ever not quite sure if you should keep training with an injury of nay kind, our Physiotherapists and Podiatrist can give you the advice to head back to the GREEN LIGHT.

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