Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)

What does Shin Splints pain feel like?

Shin Splints can feel like a sharp pain to the lower half of the inside shin bone is a classic sign of MTSS. You might notice a sharp stabbing pain at the beginning of your exercise and remain there until you cool down. If you feel along the inside of your leg bone and the muscle you might notice a tender area of about 10cm.

What might have caused MTSS?

The old saying “too much too soon” applies for shin splint injuries. This means body has had to endure to much stress without the chance to recover leading to injury. There are numerous other causes such as reduced joint motion, muscle weakness, footwear and biomechanics. A high risk period for the onset of shin pain symptoms is pre-season or the beginning of a new training program like joining a gym or running club. This is due to reasons written above. Too much too soon for the body to handle.

How do I get rid of it?

Unfortunately a big part of the management of Shin Splints/MTSS pain is modifying your training and activity. This does not by any means total rest (although in some cases that develop into a stress fracture total rest may be required), but changing what and how much exercise you do. Once the training errors are taken care of, identifying any other contributing factors will need to be addressed. This may be through strengthening what’s weak and stretching what’s tight. Changing shoes may be needed as well as well as foot orthoses in some cases.

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